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WikiIndex uses some general images and logos to illustrate indexed wiki articles.

Default image[edit]

NoLogo.png NoLogo.png — when a new wiki article is added to WikiIndex, this image appears until a logo is either uploaded here on WikiIndex, or hotlinked to directly.

Requires user assistance[edit]

No Logo Uploaded Yet.png No Logo Uploaded Yet.png — this logo can be used on wiki articles that do have a logo, but the registered user, and / or the IP editor is unable to upload its specific logo, and / or are unable to find the logo URL.

Upload logo.png Upload logo.png — similar to above, though this can also be used for new wikis, as a 'prompt' to the wiki owner to upload their own logo to their own site first.

Automatically generated[edit]

These images below will be automatically placed on an article page within its infobox when the appropriate corresponding infobox template is used. They may also be used in the generic wiki infobox template when fuller detail is required in their respective articles.

Private.png Private.png — used in template:Private.


Inactive.png Inactive.png — used in template:Inactive