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On 2 August 2006 MarkDilley proposed here to have this page. It was created in 2014.


What are statistics for? If You got no goal to reach they are meaningless.

Other people keep stats:

It says, amongst other numbers:

  • 320,197 number of active wikis on Wikia

How many Wikia sites do we have here on WikiIndex?

  • 20,496

That makes 1/16 or less than 6%. to be more precise, we got

  • 13,545 pages in Category:Wikia that makes 4.2% of all existing Wikia wikis are listed here
  • 28 pages in Category:Wikkii that makes 1.07% of all formerly 3,000+ existing Wikkii wikis are listed here

And that is about wikis that are/where easy to find because we got the address of the WikiFarms Calculating this reverse we shall have:

  • worldwide more than 760.000 wikis of which we got less than 2,6 %, 20.000 on page; and Wikisphere is growing rapidly
  • How will we gain any significance at our current speed? Never!

Statistics show, that our significance is only imagined or hoped or 'envisioned' it is not real.

Wikipedia grew more significant than Encyclopaedia Britannica.

On German and English Wikipedia there is not even a page about us.

WikiFarms and our coverage[edit]

WikiFarm number
indexed on
year notes 1,660 16 1% 2018 hosted by Curse
Miraheze 2,711 12 0.4% 2017
Confluence 3,000 0 0% 2017
Biowikifarm 86 1 1.6% 2017

Quality of our pages[edit]

The quality of our wiki pages is much more difficult to measure and to turn into numbers. It would require a vast amount of time to do that. But as a starting point, it can be said, that amongst the 20,793 pages in the namespace at October 2016, 13,596 of them are in the Category:Wikis to add. This means, for the most part, that the wiki page contains two information:

  • the URL
  • the template {{add}}

Most of those pages hang around unchanged since 2006, and their only purpose is to increase the number of pages in the main namespace. They can only be found by people who already know the name of the wiki. And people who know the name, do not need the service of WikiIndex. They will be faster by using Google. Also, not all pages with no useful information on it contain the template {{add}}. Therefore the actual number of useless pages is higher. Anyway, the actual number of wiki pages here is lower than 7,197 = <Pages in namespace> - <wikis to be add> - <wiki-people-pages and others>. Therefore, the above estimations about our coverage of the Wikisphere need to be divided by 3.

So, WikiIndex got 1% of the Wikisphere covered by possibly useful entries after a working period of 10 years.

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