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As probably noted, since my original edit was to redirect this to categories - I don't feel that we need much in the project namespace at category:WikiIndex. I feel like we don't need to hide our work here. Quite the contrary, our work here is the point of the wiki :-) As always, I will defer to people doing work here, just wanted to share my feelings about the subject. Best, MarkDilley

Full consent at the point that our work here is open access. On the other hand, the namespace WikiIndex is as open as the "content" pages, and... maybe some people prefer to be protected from confusing content with content on content ;-)
Best regards, Wolf | talk 03:54, 19 June 2012 (PDT)
Fair enough :-) I am in the camp that content about content is important content :-) ~~ MarkDilley
The project namespace is where stuff like this belongs. I don't see how we are "hiding" pages by putting them here; in fact we are making pages like this more visible here because this is where MediaWiki users expect maintenance and site navigation pages like this to be. Elassint 20 June 2012
Key point you are making - this is where MediaWiki people expect this information. I am not a MediaWiki person, nor is ~40% of wiki people. Granted a majority are MediaWiki - I am personally just not interested in that bias. Good discussion, appreciate your patience with me. ~~ MarkDilley