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Not part of our terms[edit]

  • I'm taking the line " If you would like, get your own account and edit under your real name, preferably, or by using a pseudonym." out, because this is the wrong place for it. You can do 'left or right, as You wish' is not a term. This is pure drivel.
  • "It helps a lot if you provide your e-mail address at registration time. Than You can expect to be notified of the outcome of our account confirmation procedure which basically takes place on a daily or at least weekly basis. Your address will not be revealed to anybody than the Sysop who processes your request." similarly, this is not part of TOS, except the privacy promise: "Your address will not be revealed to anybody than the Sysop who processes your request." which needs to be rephrased. What You can expect if You provide email during registration, has to be part of the registration page!
  • "After your account is approved, you will then also be able to upload images. Any off-site wiki logos uploaded here are owned by their respective copyright holder, but are used here on WikiIndex under 'fair use'." That too is not TOS rather well wishing. We wish or believe to use copyrighted material under fair use. Who cares? It also does not clarify the relationship between the user and the wiki. It does not tell any do don't.
  • "Finally, whilst we welcome external links which support wikis or wiki related subjects, we work diligently to remove spam or illegal material immediately." This is a pure lie. Most members here have not the least idea about which content is legal or not. And in case of questionable material we'd rather start a lengthy discussion with no resul than removing it immediately. And nobody here works diligently to remove spam. Nobody even commits even theoretically to do any work here whatsoever.
  • "Please consider becoming part of the WikiIndex community, and respect others here. After-all, the WikiWay is an elegant way of being." Begging for members is not part of TOS. Talk about respect is a most nebulous, totally subjective drivel and as such unfit for any TOS. And the personal opinion of an unnamed person that the WikiWay is supposed to be an elegant way of being may be part of a personal blog entry, but not of any TOS.
  • "The WikiIndex community thanks you for your interest in our site, we welcome your contributions, and hope you enjoy becoming a valuable addition to our community. :-)" pure drivel. Part of a welcome message at best.
  • "Copyrighted work will be deleted if a link to the copyright holders permission is not provided before hand." This is pure tall talk. Mostly we do not notice if any contribution is copyrighted. So, we don't do anything about it. Nobody here has committed to do anything whatsoever. Therefore we can not give any guarantee at all in the TOS, that we will do something. Who will stand for that?? What we can stand for, are those things we don't, like giving away e-mail addresses to spammers. We are too lazy to sell addresses, that much can be guaranteed.

Part of our terms[edit]

  1. This does not only apply to written content.
  2. The unlabelled links are surplus and already contained on our page about licences
  3. The clause "The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms" is not reflected

All content on WikiIndex is made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. For anybody contributing content of any kind to WikiIndex this means:

  1. You go to make sure that your contributions are free from contradictions with this license. The copied content needs to be as free as CC BY-SA 3.0 or more free. Or - at best - the content is created by you.
  2. You have no right to revoke any of your contributions from WikiIndex, because contributing means, that the ownership, if any, gets transferred to the community.

--Manorainjan 10:55, 23 October 2016 (PDT)