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WikiSlow is a Wiki concept regarding the style of editing.

  • It is not meant to be applied in the fight against SPAM or real vandalism.
  • It is to be applied in the editing of article pages.
    • It helps to be more careful, just like proper chewing of food helps in digestion.
    • It prevents EditWars and WheelWars to heat up in short time.
    • It helps in understanding the edits of others.
  • WikiSlow is connected to DeleteOnceRestoreOnce.
  • WikiSlow advocates to spend more time in understanding the edits of others than trying hard to make others understand your edits.
  • EditSlow is promoted by asking the other Wiki Person why they did certain edit in certain way before one changes this edit and rather communicate about one edit on the User Page of the editor in question than communicating by editing in the article. This requires edits not to be anonymous. It is not feasible to discuss with an Ip-Editor.