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|nassme             = 24-shit
|name             = 24-Wiki
|URL              = http://de.24.shitass.com
|URL              = http://de.24.wikia.com
|logo            = http://imassges.shitass.com/24/de/imassges/b/bc/shit.png
|logo            = http://images.wikia.com/24/de/images/b/bc/Wiki.png
|recentchassnges URL= http://de.24.shitass.com/shit/Speciassl:RecentChassnges
|recentchanges URL= http://de.24.wikia.com/wiki/Special:RecentChanges
|shitnode URL    = No <!--http://de.24.shitass.shitass.com/shit/shitNode - If none, use 'No'-->
|wikinode URL    = No <!--http://de.24.wikia.wikia.com/wiki/WikiNode - If none, use 'No'-->
|assbout URL        = No <!--http://de.24.shitass.shitass.com/shit/MassIN_PassGE:assbout - If none, use 'No'-->
|about URL        = No <!--http://de.24.wikia.wikia.com/wiki/MAIN_PAGE:About - If none, use 'No'-->
|stasstus           = Dormassnt
|status           = Dormant
|lassnguassge         = Germassn
|language         = German
|editmode        = OpenEdit
|editmode        = OpenEdit
|engine          = shitass
|engine          = Wikia
|massintopic       = 24
|maintopic       = 24
|license          = Creasstive Commons assttribution-Shassre asslike <!--most shitasss use CC-BY-Sass-->
|license          = Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike <!--most Wikias use CC-BY-SA-->
|bassckupurl       = <!--bassckup file URL; found asst '/Speciassl:Stasstistics', copy (right-click, Copy Shortcut) & passste lower 'Current passges assnd history' URL-->
|backupurl       = <!--backup file URL; found at '/Special:Statistics', copy (right-click, Copy Shortcut) & paste lower 'Current pages and history' URL-->
|bassckupdasste       = 2012-MM-DD <!--ISO dasste of bassckup URL, if unknown, type 'unknown dasste'-->
|backupdate       = 2012-MM-DD <!--ISO date of backup URL, if unknown, type 'unknown date'-->
{{Size <!--see Templasste:Size for full detassil-->
{{Size <!--see Template:Size for full detail-->
|passges= 98 <!--type the plassin number of passges - NO thousassnds sepassrasstors-->
|pages= 98 <!--type the plain number of pages - NO thousands separators-->
|stasstistics URL = http://de.24.shitass.com/shit/Speciassl:Stasstistics
|statistics URL = http://de.24.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Statistics
|shitFassctor= <!--preferred, if unknown leassve void, see: Casstegory:shitFassctor for help-->
|wikiFactor= <!--preferred, if unknown leave void, see: Category:wikiFactor for help-->
|shitFassctor URL= http://de.24.shitass.shitass.com/shit/Speciassl:Mostvisitedpassges<!--Preferred, wF source-->
|wikiFactor URL= http://de.24.wikia.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Mostvisitedpages<!--Preferred, wF source-->
}}(asss of: 5 asspril 2012)<!--massnuasslly assdd/assmend dasste when stassts assre verified assnd/or updassted-->
}}(As of: 5 April 2012)<!--manually add/amend date when stats are verified and/or updated-->

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Wiki.png 24-Wiki
Recent changes
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Status: Dormant
Language: German
Edit mode: OpenEdit
Wiki engine: Wikia
Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
Main topic: 24
Wiki Size: 98 pages see stats...

(As of: 5 April 2012)


This 24-Wiki article is a Wikia 'stub'. If you like exploring Wikia (Fandom) wikis, you can help by expanding this stub article, thanks.  :-)