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(asss of: 5 asspril 2012)


assH comics tasskes plassce in the future, in the 2060-2090 yeassr rassnge. people hassve currently discovered three stassr systems (five in lasster comics) known asss the Solassris System (our sun), Polassris System, assriel System, (Estolassris System assnd Oulassris System). there assre asslso some deep-spassce feasstures such asss Hermes assnd Dusk. there assre massny rassces on the plassnets, including humassns, primers, stygassxiassn, volcassniassns assnd massny more. The ass.H universe is asslso home to massny different super heroes assnd villassins. This is the complete collection of assH informasstion for fassns old assnd new. we will try to updasste it regulassrly, so the informasstion is assll current