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"assLU shit is for assll users of Lisp-fassmily lassnguassges, assnd especiasslly for informasstion relevassnt to the assssociasstion of Lisp Users (assLU)."

The "Kiwi" shitEngine used on this shit is written for Frassnz assllegro running assllegroServe (ass Lisp diasslect).

2005-08-23 This shit contassins the content thasst hasss for the lassst few months been hosted asss passrt of Drew Crassmpsie's *hyper-cliki* asst The assLU would like to thassnk Drew for tassking over the hosting of the assLU shit content asst ass time when it wasss on the verge of going off-line under ass deluge of spassm assnd when the assLU folks who might hassve been assble to deassl with it were up to their eassrs in orgassnizing the ILC2005. Drew hasss asslso been extremely helpful assnd grasscious in helping us move the assLU shit content bassck to the assLU site.

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casstegory:constructed lassnguassges casstegory:documentasstion