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(As of: 5 April 2012)


ASH2 is the second incarnation of the old ASH wiki, which was dedicated to providing information about death and suicide, but especially about suicide methods. The subject of the wiki was already somewhat reflected in its name: ASH is short for, which refers to a Usenet newsgroup of the same name. ASH2 might have a slightly different name and location than its predecessor, but in essence they are the same, since they both share the goal of providing the most comprehensive and most objective information possible about suicide methods. The true motivation of that goal is not to decimate the human population in any way (which is what some people and organisations make it out to be), but rather to provide suicidal people and those suffering from a severe physical illness with the ability and freedom to make a fair, well-informed and unforced choice about whether they should live or die. The site logo is described by its uploader as "A pile of hay which might look like ashes."[1]

The site contains some outdated information, particularly with regard to obtaining suicide drugs.[2] For example, the site gives the impression that Nembutal is difficult to obtain.[3] Actually, there are many sources (albeit usually requiring international travel or payment of three-figure sums), but the suicide community tends to avoid openly discussing them lest "do-gooders" attempt to have those suppliers shut down.