Aren Mélodilous

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Aren Mélodilous
Age: 11 October[1]
Other names: Mélodilous, Squidward Tentacles (former username)
en-N This person is a native English speaker.
fr-2 This person is an intermediate French speaker.
Home wiki(s): The Backyardigans Wiki
Editing status: Semi-retired
Pers. website:

Aren Mélodilous (also known as, simply, Mélodilous) is a bureaucrat of The Backyardigans Wiki and Backyardigans Fanon Wiki, as well as the founder of The Backyardigans Answers.

Aren first joined Wikia in December 2009. In June 2010, he became the second contributor to edit on The Backyardigans Wiki. Aren soon became an administrator and bureaucrat on this site, and its affiliate Backyardigans Fanon Wiki. Aren founded The Backyardigans Answers, and devoted much of his time to the site, and to SpongeBob Fanon Wiki. Aren was best known on SpongeBob Fanon as the creator of the series Awkward, Octopus. Mélodilous has not spent much time on any other wikis. His best friends on Wikia are Pablor, Christopher, and Matt. As of summer 2015, Mélodilous is 'semi-retired' on Wikia. He does not edit as frequently, yet still edits about once a month.

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