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Status: Active
Language: English
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Main topic: Literature


Award Annals is where creative works judged the best of their kind are recorded and ranked. The site ranks over 8,000 creative works that have received some of over 160 awards for literature, film, and music.

Registered users can create and edit pages about creative works, about award organizations that judge creative works, and about the events where awards are given. The heart of the ranking system is the “annal” namespace in which the results of award events are recorded and points tallied for the honored works. Pages in the “honor roll” present a list of creative works ranked by their score. For instance, all of the books on the first page of honor_roll:fiction have been judged by several different groups of people to be exceptional.

Award Annals was conceived and implemented in 2004 by Kenny Lucius, who wrote PHP scripts to gather and display the data. In early 2007, Kenny converted the entire site to MediaWiki so that anyone and everyone can document their favorite award.

Wiki size: 19,690 article pages see stats