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| pages = 476
| pages = 476
| statistics URL = http://www.beachapedia.org/Special:Statistics
| statistics URL = http://www.beachapedia.org/Special:Statistics
| wikiFactor = <!--Optional. If unknown leave void. (See Proposal:wikiFactor)-->
| wikiFactor = 3
| wikiFactor URL = <!--Optional, source of wiki factor. If unknown leave void.-->
| wikiFactor URL = http://www.beachapedia.org/Special:PopularPages

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Main topic: Ecology


Beachapedia is a wiki of Coastal Knowledge run by the Surfrider Foundation, an international nonprofit organization focused on issues related to Beaches including Beach Access, Water Quality, Beach and Surf Preservation, and the protection of the coastal environment.

Beachapedia grew out of a section of the Surfrider website that had been called "Coastal A-Z", which contained definitions of terms related to the beach/littoral and marine environments, and explanations of concepts related to the study, management, and preservation of those environments. As content proliferated, the need for a more robust management system became apparent. Surfrider Foundation chose MediaWiki and launched Beachapedia. In addition to foundation staff and activists, subject-matter experts and coastal management professionals are also invited to contribute.

Over time, the site has grown to include the State of the Beach Report, a continuously-updated report covering coastal management issues, policies, and ratings for all of the coastal states in the US, plus the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Because Surfrider has chapters and affiliates all over the world, Beachapedia is multi-lingual. The vast majority of the pages are currently only offered in English, but volunteers are actively working on translating pages into Japanese and Spanish. Beachapedia is set up to support German, French, Greek, Italian, Dutch, Portugese, Swedish, and Arabic as well.

Wiki Size: 476 pages see stats...
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