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Main topic: AMPS
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Berlin Sector Pedia is a reference site. Source of information in order to systematize Marga activities and services in Europe. An open editable website (wiki) for all.

  • Provides a general view what’s happening in Europe at local and national levels which are relevant to the departmental aims and objectives of AMPS, WWD and Trades.
  • Why things are happening based on P.R.Sarkar’s, Margiis’ and other members’ studies.
  • Who are the alternative and active groups and members, what they do and say about the current society.
  • Marga news, work results and history.
  • How to do and solutions about everything Marga related.
  • Local and international funds, materials and human resources.

The pages are handled by “Dynamic Page Link” software which automatically allocates the articles and news to assigned pages based on the 5Ws:

(1) WHAT is happening in Europe and WHY.
(2) WHO is influencing the results and solutions.
(3) WHERE are financial, material and human resources.
(4) HOW to solve, and WHICH methods and tools to use.