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Founded by: Lourens, aka Quadsk8 RollerJammer
Status: Dead
Language: Dutch
Edit mode: ByInvitation
Wiki engine: TiddlyWiki
Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike
Main topic: Skating
Wiki size: unknown size [No see stats]
(Page count as of: 2019-MM-DD
wikiFactor as of: 2012-MM-DD)

BounceRockSkateRollWiki is a former Dutch-language personal wiki site from Lourens, aka Quadsk8 RollerJammer, about all aspects of roller skating in the Netherlands; including roller disco, night skating, boogie nights, roller jam, calypso, and more. It also includes roller skating masterclasses, workshops, parties, and festivals. The events mainly occurred in Amsterdam, Den Haag, and Rotterdam.

The wiki was powered by TiddlyWiki, with a WebView Macro custom skin from Alan Hecht. The content of the wiki was released under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 2.0 Nederland (CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0 NL). The wiki went offline sometime early 2008.