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Template:Wiki Farm Grifkuba Gaming Services (GGS) is a group of gamers (as in people who play games) who offer services for the love of gaming.[1]

  • These services range from hosting game-themed wikis, to being a launching place for Indie games.
  • These services are for free, or low cost, and donations are periodically asked for.
  • These services are done by volunteers, students and day labourers, none of whom are paid to do so.
  • These services may use revenue-generating techniques in the future, and all said revenue will go to pay for operating expenses.
  • These services offer one free show a month, under the conditions that a bowl of a specified-color M&Ms is provided.

The Grifkuba General Wiki is the meta and support wiki for the Grifkuba wiki farm. Grifkuba is a member of the Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance (SEIWA).

Wiki sites

A list of articles related to the Grifkuba wiki farm.

It hosts the following wikis:[2]

wiki name URL
Arthur Wiki (Grifkuba)
Crash Bandicoot Wiki (Grifkuba)
Etrian Odyssey Wiki
Fire Emblem Wiki
Final Fantasy Wiki (
Hanna-Barbera Wiki (Grifkuba)
Lylat Wiki
Marioverse Wiki
Mega Man Wiki (Grifkuba)
Pikmin Fanon
Power Master Wiki
Rare Wiki
Conker Wiki (Grifkuba)
Hello Kitty + Sanrio Wiki
SpongeBob Wiki (Grifkuba)
Spyro Wiki (Grifkuba)
Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance
Square Enix Wiki
WikiBound (en)
WikiBound (Italian)
Wimpy Kid Wiki
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