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Main topic: Wiki engine
Founded by: Magnus Manske ('pre-version')
Lee Daniel Crocker (1st official version)
Owner / CEO: Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. (owner)
Interface language: Multilingual
Programming language: PHP
Software license: GNU General Public License
Status: Active
For the home 'meta' wiki used for discussion, help, development, and advice regarding use of the actual MediaWiki (MW) software and extensions, and MW software downloads, see:
'Powered by MediaWiki' identification button, original version
'Powered by MediaWiki' identification button, current version

MediaWiki (MW) is the wiki engine software package that runs or 'powers' this WikiIndex wiki site. Originally designed, created, and developed for the then fledgling Wikipedia wiki site in 2002 (though not the original wiki engine that powered the original Wikipedia from 2001; that was the Perl-based UseMod Wiki software); MediaWiki software is now used by the most active and largest wiki sites. MediaWiki is also used extensively, and exclusively by all other wiki sites hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) (including all of their wiki 'projects'); along with many, many other independently-hosted wiki sites. MediaWiki is also the software of first choice to power many different free and commercial wiki farms.

History and features

After it was discovered that the UseMod Wiki software was not adequate nor appropriate to power a wiki-based encyclopedia, a new software solution was required for Wikipedia. The initial 'pre-version' software (known as 'Phase II (2) software' in Wikipedia circles) was created by Magnus Manske, and was used on all available Wikipedia versions from 25 January 2002. A 'Phase III (3) software' became the first 'official' MediaWiki software, and this was a substantial re-write of Phase II by Lee Daniel Crocker; this new 'MediaWiki' software was first used on the English Wikipedia on 20 July 2002.

MediaWiki is compiled and written in the PHP programming language, and is probably one of the most widely deployed wiki engines in the global wikisphere. Some might argue that a wiki should be more simplistic, with fewer features, and some have commented that MediaWiki has now become bloatware;[1] however, MediaWikis' design, and its prolific success speaks for itself. MediaWiki has spawned many clones, or 'forks', the most notable being Wikia (now branded as Fandom), along with GetWiki (created for MediaWiki is extremely highly (and constantly) developed, it is feature-rich, open source, and is now very complex free software, that is released under version 2 of the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL v2). MediaWiki requires either MySQL 5.0.2+, PostgreSQL, or SQLite for data storage; it can not use 'flat-file' data storage.

In December 2008, a guy found all open installs ( link) of the MediaWiki code. And until mid-2013, there used to be the MediaWiki Users forums ( link).

MediaWiki size information
add /Special:Statistics at the end of the URL – e.g. (non-English language interface versions will automatically convert this to their actual language). Dependent on MW software version, there is a number called 'Content pages', or on earlier MW versions 'pages that are probably legitimate content pages'; use that lower number. Ignore the (often much larger) 'all pages in the wiki, including redirects' number. It is also possible to add a private MediaWiki site entry to the WikiStats by S23 list of MediaWiki sites system (at S23-Wiki), which tracks various statistics of MediaWiki-powered wiki sites.
MediaWiki wikiFactor (wF) information
go to the /Special:PopularPages page of the wiki – e.g.
Note: from around MediaWiki version 1.24, the then included standard internal tool which provided the 'page views' output and popular pages list rankings was globally disabled (removed) from all future releases of MediaWiki. It is still possible to use the 'Special:PopularPages' link, but only if the wiki site owner or server-side system administrator subsequently added Extension: HitCounters, available from If popular pages is no longer available, it is acceptable to use an archived value of wikiFactor, supported by an appropriate archived Special:PopularPages URL.
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Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. (WMF), founded 20 June 2003, is the wiki company and non-profit charitable organization[2] responsible for a very large number (over 900 in total) of very active collaborative user-generated wiki sites, which are grouped together by primary subject and known as a 'project'; as well as the wiki engine software initially developed by themselves, known as MediaWiki. The Wikimedia Foundations' major wiki projects started with Wikipedia (encyclopedia), and subsequently expanded to include Wiktionary (dictionary and thesaurus), Wikiquote (quotations), Wikibooks (open content textbooks), Wikisource (free content primary-source and secondary-source texts), Wikinews (news source), Wikiversity (open learning community), Wikispecies (free species directory), and many others as listed below. Most of these 'projects' have separate wiki site versions written in many different languages. There is also the Wikimedia Commons (shared repository for documents, images, videos, and other media and text files), Wikidata (central space knowledge base for data used on all WMF projects), and the Wikimedia Meta-Wiki (coordination of issues common to all Wikimedia projects). The Wikimedia Foundations' global reach is nurtured in its Incubator, where all new language versions for all projects are initiated and developed before being launched as a new separate wiki site. The Foundations' most recent major project, Wikivoyage (a 'travelpedia'), was inducted to WMF in late 2012.

Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. is a member of the Open Source Initiative (OSI). Furthermore, the Wikimedia Foundation is a United States 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, granted April 2005, and headquartered at 1 Montgomery Street, Suite 1600, San Francisco County, State of California 94104, United States of America.[3]

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