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Category:Wiki lists

Category: Wiki lists — the 'root category', 'top category', or 'parent category' of this WikiIndex wiki site is category: Browse. This wiki lists category is a direct child, or sub-category of Browse, and it contains different ways of listing wiki sites here on WikiIndex. If and when this category is cleaned up, it will only contain categories that explain a system for listing all wiki sites (these should probably in turn contain categories that are actually applied to wikis.

Here are first tier, primary sub-categories that are correctly placed here.

For browsing

Automatically included

From Template: Wiki

The following categories (and / or their appropriate sub-categories) are all automatically included, or 'populated' via the default wiki infobox template, and its appropriate fields.

  • Category: All — the least picky category of all; every single wiki site article that is listed here on WikiIndex;
  • Category: Wiki status — this contains descriptive labels for 'how the wiki's community is fairing', primarily based on number of edits during any 24 hour period;
  • Category: Wiki language — this contains categories describing the primary language in which the wiki content is written in (and not its subject matter);
  • Category: Wiki Edit Mode — this contains categories describing who is allowed to edit the wiki, and under what circumstances and / or limitations;
  • Category: Wiki engine — wikis run on wiki software, known as a 'wiki engine'; and there are many different types of wiki software, this is for categorizing them that way;
  • Category: Wiki license — lists the specific license or licenses under which the content of the wiki is released for re-use (if any);
  • Category: Wiki Topic — wikis have content, remember? – what topic(s) or subject matter does the content fall under? – (this category has hundreds of sub-categories that probably need to be turned into their own tree.);
  • Category: Wiki Backups — lists those wiki sites which have been 'backed up', with the URL of said backup file or database 'dump'.
From Template: Size

The two following categories (and / or their appropriate sub-categories) are all automatically included, or 'populated' via the default size stats box template.

  • Category: Wiki Size — how many actual article pages does the wiki site have? – categories right up to those wiki sites with tens of millions of pages or more;
  • Category: wikiFactor — describes the impact or importance of a wiki site measured from individual page views, based on an established scientific formula.

Manually entered

The following categories (or specific sub-categories) require manual entry, typically via our {{tag}} template within the prose description, or via the conventional MediaWiki method of adding categories at the bottom of the edit box.

For editing, and further action by the WikiIndex community

  • Category: Unknown — wiki sites are included in this (or its sub-categories) when their article page needs to be added to particular kinds of Unknown categories (or sub-categories) in the above Browsing categories;
  • Category: Wikis to add — for wiki sites that have a 'skeleton' article page here at WikiIndex, but need the Wiki infobox template added, or have the infobox template, but all of the required information has not been filled in yet. Create pages with nothing but the URL for a wiki... and add {{add}}, or use the new wiki form (also found on our community portal) so that the wiki's page will show up here.

WikiProject:Wikis to Add lists a large collection of raw URLs for known wiki sites. Please help us move each one to its own article page here using Add it to WikiIndex!. That should automatically put the wiki in the 'All' category. Thank you.

Note: this top-tier 'parent category' or 'mother category' should be empty of article pages; Wiki lists, and other appropriate articles, should only be listed in the below sub-categories.
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