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Note: this top-tier 'parent category' or 'mother category' should be empty of article pages; Wiki people by language, and other appropriate articles, should only be listed in the below sub-categories.

Category: Wiki people by language — this specific category here on this WikiIndex wiki site contains all of the sub-categories below which are the languages spoken (or 'user languages') by the people (or users) who have ever edited this WikiIndex wiki site. All of the below sub-categories will themselves be further sub-divided by category into seven (7) different levels of proficiency or competency of speech within each individual language. Starting at level zero (0), that is for people who 'do not speak' (and do not understand) said language; they ascend in proficiency levels from one to five (1 to 5), and top out at level 'N', which is for 'native speakers' (ie, 'mother tongue') of said language.

Depending on how many languages someone is able to speak, WikiIndex editors will 'tag' their user page with one or more 'babel' boxes; typically with their own native language, and if appropriate, further additional languages at differing levels of proficiency, competency, or understanding. It must be stated that these babel levels are not defined by any scientific testing, nor any educational or vocational qualifications. Users will add their own babels based on their own personal self-assessment of proficiency levels, and as such, must be taken in good faith.

The input-box below allows you to create a new user language category if it not already listed below.

Note: the above input-box calls on template: Babel boilerplate to generate a new category.

For further detailed information on user languages in general, and how to add yourself to a category, see template: Language.

The sub-categories listed below are sorted by their two- or three- letter ISO 639 language code, rather than alphabetically by actual category page name.

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