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Welcome to Wikia (formerly Wikicities), a collection of communities with websites that you can edit.

You can start a new Wikia in any language today, or explore, browse, and edit an existing one from the list below.

New: Wiki Labs! For small communities or trial projects, try a mini-wiki in the Scratchpad Wiki Labs. Instant page creation allowed. Make a new wiki within Wiki Labs or request a new Wikia.

Wikia offers you free MediaWiki hosting for a community to build a free content wiki-based website. Anyone can request a Wikia, subject to the terms of use and Wikia creation policy. Find out why to use Wikia for your wiki.

Support on both the technical and community aspects of running a wiki community is provided. You can discuss your proposed wiki or contact us for further information.

Wikia is a collection of over 1500 wikis (a WikiFarm) run by Wikia, Inc, founded by Jimmy Wales, one of the founders of Wikipedia, and Angela Beesley in October 2004.

In 2006, Gil Penchina became the CEO and hopes to take Wikia to a new level like he did with eBay.

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