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|URL = http://it.cathopedia.org
|URL             = http://it.cathopedia.org/wiki/Cathopedia:Pagina_principale
|logo = http://it.cathopedia.org/w/images/logo/logo_cathopedia_it.png
|logo             = http://it.cathopedia.org/w/images/logo/logo_cathopedia_it.png
|recentchanges URL = http://it.cathopedia.org/wiki/Special:RecentChanges
|recentchanges URL= http://it.cathopedia.org/wiki/Special:RecentChanges
|wikinode URL = http://it.cathopedia.org/wiki/Cathopedia:WikiNode
|wikinode URL     = No <!--http://it.cathopedia.org/wiki/Cathopedia:WikiNode-->
|about URL = http://it.cathopedia.org/wiki/Cathopedia:Progetto
|about URL       = http://it.cathopedia.org/wiki/Cathopedia:Cosa_è
|status = Active
|mobile URL      = No <!--http://m.YourWikiURL.org - If none, use 'No'-->
|language = Italian
|status           = Vibrant
|editmode = ByInvitation
|language         = Italian
|engine = MediaWiki
|editmode         = ByInvitation
|license = Creative Commons
|engine           = MediaWiki
|maintopic = Roman Catholic
|license         = Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
|backupurl = <!--backup file URL, found at '/Special:Statistics' on Wikia sites-->
|maintopic       = Roman Catholic
|backupdate = unknown date <!--ISO date of backup URL, if unknown, type 'unknown date'-->
|backupurl       = <!--backup file URL, found at '/Special:Statistics' on Wikia & other MediaWiki sites-->
|backupdate       = 2012-MM-DD <!--ISO date of backup URL, if unknown, type 'unknown date'-->
'''{{tag|Wiki Italian|Italian}}''' language version of '''[[Cathopedia]]'''.
'''{{tag|Wiki Italian|Italian}}''' language version of '''[[Cathopedia]]'''.
{{Size <!--see Template:Size for full detail-->
|pages = {{Cathopedia/NumberOfArticles|it}}
|pages= {{Cathopedia/NumberOfArticles|it}} <!--type the plain number of pages - NO thousands separators-->
|statistics URL = http://it.cathopedia.org/wiki/Special:Statistics
|statistics URL= http://it.cathopedia.org/wiki/Speciale:Statistiche
|wikiFactor = {{Cathopedia/wikiFactor|it}} <!--Preferred. If unknown leave void. See: Category:wikiFactor.-->
|wikiFactor= {{Cathopedia/wikiFactor|it}} <!--preferred, if unknown leave void, see: Category:wikiFactor-->
|wikiFactor URL = http://it.cathopedia.org/wiki/Special:PopularPages
|wikiFactor URL= http://it.cathopedia.org/wiki/Speciale:PaginePiùVisitate
}}(As of: 21 October 2013)<!--manually add/amend date when stats are verified and/or updated-->
}}(As of: {{Cathopedia/NumberOfArticles|date}})<!--manually add/amend date when stats are verified and/or updated-->
[[Category:FoundedIn2006]]<!--13 feb 2006--><!--http://it.cathopedia.org/w/index.php?title=Fidei_Donum_(enciclica)&oldid=1379-->
[[Category:FoundedIn2006]]<!--13 feb 2006 - http://it.cathopedia.org/w/index.php?title=Fidei_Donum_(enciclica)&oldid=1379-->

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logo_cathopedia_it.png Cathopedia (it)
Recent changes
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Status: Vibrant
Language: Italian
Edit mode: ByInvitation
Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
Main topic: Roman Catholic

Italian language version of Cathopedia.

Wiki Size: 15,000 pages see stats...
wikiFactor: 45 info / verify ...

(As of: 2018-09-20)


Die Cathopedia ist eine katholische Wiki Enzyklopädie auf der Basis der MediaWiki-Software.

Sie nimmt einen katholischen Standpunkt ein. Sie nimmt Bezug auf die Dogmen und den Glauben der Römisch-katholischen Kirche.

Sie hat den Anspruch ein internationales Projekt zu werden. Momentan gibt es ein ähnliches deutsches Projekt: Kathpedia.


Cathopedia – the International Catholic Encylopedia project – is a catholic wiki encyclopedia using MediaWiki software.

It adopts the catholic point of view. It wants to be the reference for the Roman Catholic Church doctrine and faith.

It aspires to be a full international project. At the moment, only a similar German site is twinned: Kathpedia.


Cathopedia è un'wiki enciclopedia cattolica basata sul software MediaWiki.

Vuole essere il punto di riferimento sulla dottrina e la fede della Chiesa Cattolica. Adotta il punto di vista cattolico.

Aspira ad essere un progetto internazionale. Attualmente è gemellato con un analogo sito tedesco: Kathpedia.

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