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I began my fascination with wiki when I discovered C2 (in 2003). At the time, I thought I was an excellent programmer. Reading C2 cured me of that delusion :-).

Later I was astonished to discover that other wiki exist. Why didn't anyone tell me about them before?

I am hoping that wiki will turn out to be an improved replacement for Usenet and most types of email.

I am excited about the WikiNode project. I see this IndexWiki as being really, really useful for setting up the wiki-node network -- but eventually the wiki-node network will be an improved replacement for the IndexWiki. (Because the wiki-node network is inherently fault-tolerant and scalable, but the IndexWiki has a single point of failure).

I spend a lot of time thinking about fault-tolerant systems. I plan to build a fault-tolerant wiki system Real Soon Now. I'm still waffling over some of the technical details ( "distributed version control system" or "distributed file system" ?), but I think getting a critical mass of people to use it is a bigger challenge.

I like to think I am a better-than-average EnglishSpeakers. But is this merely a delusion that I will be cured of once I start reading the GoodEnglishRules wiki? :-)

I plan on learning enough Deutsch to make myself understood to GermanSpeakers, but I still have a long way to go.

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Time Zone

My current time zone is :

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Pacific Time Zone:

or in other words:UTC-8

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I'm a sysop at several wiki including:

I'm an administrator here on WikiIndex,
talk to one of us  :-)

Whee! I'm a sysop at WikiIndex! The power -- it's rushing to my head! --DavidCary 09:17, 1 October 2007 (EDT)

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