Dead Rabbit

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Dead Rabbit[edit]

"Whenever I close my eyes, I see rivers of blood engulfing pilgrams on the way to a false promise land. I see cities in ruin and citadels on fire. I see quiet, windswept battlefields where both sides lost, and it is the rats and the maggots that win the day. I see the world as an fading echo of it's once former glory."

"How do you sleep then," Dead Rabbit asked.


-from The Dead Rabbit Chronicles Vol. 1

The DRC follows the story of Dead Rabbit and Drusilla Montague as they prepare to wage war against an unknown "beast" that threatens to conquer the world. He's a ruthless but unmotivated wannabe gangster. She is a sociopathic orphan who may or may not be the "Queen of Corpses," a conqueror of prophecy that was sent to unite the kingdoms of Hell.

The story is told through a set of concept albums, starting with the 2003 release of "Sex Crimes." The back story is supplemented through short stories and novels, starting with the 2007 release of "Queen of Corpses."

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