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Edit war

An edit war occurs when two or more wiki editors repeatedly, and often disruptively edit a single wiki page; each one making it express his (or her) own point of view (POV) – and only his own point of view, refusing to let the other editor 'have the last word'.

It makes no sense to be involved in an edit war on a wiki. There is always a need to understand the other persons' point of view. It may be ultimately decided that one person or another has not expressed an interest in collaborating. At that point, the community will need to decide what to do – i.e. if necessary, asking them to leave, or even blocking them.

Nevertheless, more than once human beings have engaged in such a silly and unproductive interaction called an 'edit war'. In fact, such a thing once occurred on WikiIndex — that's why we have the edit warring template. If you notice edit warring on an article, please insert the edit warring template by adding {{edit warring}} at the top of the page edit box.

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