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We have separated the wiki spectacular into three sections. The why we're here, what we're going to work on, and then the work itself. We can only really learn to work on the wiki once we've decided what it is we're going to DO. because wikis are about doing!

Part 1
  1. What are we trying to do here at Educationbridges?
  2. What is our overall goal for this wiki?
  3. What are our goals for today?
Part 2
  1. Review of wiki skills, helping along of new members.
  2. Who is the audience for each individual Module.
  3. Development of test cases for the wiki.
  4. Re-assignment of groups for each module.
  5. Assignment of cataloger for policies developed and debated.
Part 3
  1. Travelling road show.
  2. Breakdown of each policy issue into detail.
  3. Tracking of development in each module.
  4. Review and summation.
  5. Homework.