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Fan History Wiki is a fan run project dedicated to preserving, documenting and writing fandom history. Fan History also includes a directory of people in fandom.


Fan History is an outgrowth of Writers University's history department. Writers University was founded back in 2000 on FanFiction.Net by Laura, under the nom de plume of Michela Ecks. It moved off of about six months later, and spent several years at, then on its own domain and otherwise in a state of flux. The site eventually folded, with some of content being moved to a precursor of the current wiki, FanWorks.Org, and in an unpublished fanzine. During this period, Laura's research into the history of fan fiction and fandom continued.

At its old location, Fan History was not inviting enough participation on the part of wider fandom. This fact spurred its move to its own domain on MediaWiki in May 2006. In March 2008, the FanFictionNetBot was run in order to help Fan History meet its goal of becoming a fandom directory. The bot helped create over 450,000 articles about FanFiction.Net users. In July 2008, Fan History became a limited liability corporation known as Fan History LLC. In July 2008, Fan History revised its privacy policies in response to actions that took place in fandom. In August 2008, both a Dutch and a Spanish version of the wiki project were launched.

Involvement with the wiki community

Fan History has been represented at RecentChangesCamp 2008. Fan History also helped co-facilitate Wiki Wednesday Chicago in June and July 2008.

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