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This wiki is dedicated to maintaining resources and tips for all upcoming and current trends in fashion and beauty. Everyone is wlecome to contribute and showcase new fashion lines, upcoming events, interesting news articles, and anything else related to fashion.



The newest trend hitting the fashion scene is "green clothing." Many new designers are creating clothing that is environmentally friendly; meaning less harsh bleaches and dyes, along with new materials like hemp and bamboo.
Although not all designers in the fashion scene are grasping onto this new trend, its influence has trickled onto couture runways. There seems to be a nostalgic shift back to the early seventies trend of longer and looser tanks, simplistic sandals, longer hair, and longer shorts. The current trend could almost be described as "hippie-gypsy chic."

There is also a budding Asian influence in the newest fashion off the runway. Asian inspired clothing has been popular for nearly two years now, but only bits and pieces were applied to the clothing. Now, innovative kimonos and obi inspired waists are making a debut on the catwalk. This trend will last through the summer because of its ease in wear.


Today's biggest designers who have access to some of the most exotic and rare furs, leathers, and skins are creating more worn and organic handbags. Some of this years best spring and summer bags from the hottest designers: Yves Saint Laurent, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Prada are contructed with rope handles and woven undyed fibers.
My own interpretation of the trend is our cultural nostaligic shift back to the days of the early seventies when hippie influence rocked the stage and the environment was in the forefront of their minds. This shift has brought with it a new sense of environmental awareness with a technological and modern twist that hosts hybrid cars and energy saving appliances. The new found appreciation for the earth has sparked the global phenomenon of "green living." Now flashing natural clothing and accessories are the latest trend in the fashion world.


Dainty silver chains and bracelets are accessories of the past. Big bangles and hippie beads are the latest trend in jewelry. Cuffs and thick bright bracelets are in every store for this year's spring and summer season. Just like many of our mothers back in their day, the longer necklaces the better. Bright jewel tones, blinging gold, and unusal decals are the items to look for this spring and summer.

There are different levels of the jewelry industry along with different specialties and people who make jewelry as a hobby. Mining the stone is at the beginning. It took years of the right elements and reactions to form a single stone. The next step is a gem cutter who examines the gem "rock" and decides the best size(s) and cut(s) to shape the stone into so they get the most out of it and the best quality or grade and value possible. Once the stone is cut to a fine gem, an artisan or designer takes the gem and creates a dazzling piece of jewelry. After the gem has been paired with the gold or silver of the artisan/designer's choice, it is sold to a wholesaler (Teeda) who then turns around and sells it to a retailer (Zales). The retailer sells this from a physical store, an online virtual store, tv (JTV), craft fair, or a combination of these, etc.


A more natural look is hot this spring. A neutral palette of gold, peach, brown, and taupe hues are going to lining the shelves.


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Elle's May 2006 Magazine highlights the growing trend of "green fashion." It is definitely something to check out if you want to see a budding trend that will eventually influence what's in your closet.

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