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Founded by: unknown
Status: Dead
Language: Spanish
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Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Wiki license: No license
Main topic: Feminism
This Femipedia has been dead (offline) since late 2013.

Femipedia is a former wiki site about feminism in Spain. It became badly spammed, and is dead since late 2013. It's former domain was hacked and hijacked by a Moroccan xenophobic terrorist organisation.

Wiki size: 693 article pages see stats
wikiFactor: 6 info / verify

(As of: 2013-07-06 – archive.is)


Femipedia es una enciclopedia feminista libre en línea que cualquiera puede editar.

Esta enciclopedia comenzó a funcionar el 20 de marzo de 2008 de la mano del portal feminista 'Ciudad de Mujeres'. Contamos actualmente más que 650 artículos.


Femipedia is a knowledge base about Feminism.

Originally started in March 2008, more than 650 Spanish articles have been created and is administrated de 'Ciudad de Mujeres'.

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