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Gartentipp-Wiki (Garden tip-Wiki) is a free garden encyclopaedia and a garden tip collection which is made available by However, it is written not by a firm editorial staff, but by voluntary authors. Of authors and female authors are always welcome. Everybody, the others with his garden tips would like to help, can take part in our communal project and contribute to make valuable knowledge to a wide audience accessible. Even the people who manage her gardens since decades find out over and over again that one has never finished learning with this subject. A good garden tip is always welcome. Whether in the ornamental garden or in the vegetable garden - the number of the plant places is already nearly infinite, but those of the creation possibilities is still much bigger. And of course there is also a row of problems like plant illnesses or insect infestation where a garden tip can help. If we succeed here in collecting even a fraction of the experience of many millions amateur gardeners as a garden tip collection and in preserving, the garden tip-Wiki will be able to help many. To be able to do justice to the different needs, we have split the garden tip-Wiki. An area is booked for the garden tips in which quite different experiences of amateur gardeners can be reflected. The other contains the objective articles to single concepts from the garden world - a garden encyclopaedia.

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