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For the original German-language site hosted on Wikia, see: Habbo Wiki (De.Wikia).
For its subsequent replacement wiki site, see: Habbo Wiki (Wikia).
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This version of the Habbo Wiki, hosted on the wiki farm, was for documenting all information having to do with the online social video game Habbo; a video game about an online community itself founded in 2000, owned and operated by Sulake from Finland.

Habbo Wiki originally started as a German-language site on the Wikia wiki farm in 2006, but forked to, a wiki farm dedicated to video games wiki sites, in 2014.

Following the subsequent acquisition of the entire wiki farm by Wikia, Inc., the latest version of Habbo Wiki has subsequently become dormant!

From its former about page:

Habbo Wiki is a wiki dedicated to cataloging the worlds largest online hangout for teenagers, Habbo! The wiki covers everything relating to major events (like The Great Mute), Habbo Staff, Furni, Badges, features, and more.
About Habbo Wiki

Habbo Wiki is a freely editable web-based database of information relating to Habbo made up entirely by community contributions. It is able to do this because it uses MediaWiki software (the same as Wikipedia!). Any user may edit most articles (except for special ones that are protected), and this is how Habbo Wiki stays up to date!

Why make a Habbo wiki? Well, Habbo has a rich history that has influenced the lives of millions of teenagers worldwide. We play, we chat, we make friends. So we want to help preserve some of that history so people can always remember one of their most loved games.

  • Habbo Wiki was originally created on March 16, 2006 by a random person. It started out on Wikia and was largely unedited and untouched until mid-2009 when a couple dedicated editors started getting it going.
  • After 2010, Habbo Wiki really started to take off thanks to a couple more dedicated editors. And in 2013 Habbo Wiki was made an official Habbo fansite! We lost that status later on, which will be explained below.
  • During late-2013, the main editors on Habbo Wiki felt that using Wikia extremely limits the ability for the wiki to be a good functional Habbo fansite. So Habbo Wiki left Wikia (the wiki is still there, just nobody edits it) and a brand new wiki was opened up in June of 2014. Due to this huge timeframe of inactivity, Habbo Wiki was revoked of its official fansite status.
  • In 2015 Habbo Wiki really started going again with a brand new site redesign, loads of new features, changed staff, and much more.
  • In 2016 Habbo Wiki focused on providing the best user experience available, and accomplished this through a new website, page layouts, and even more added features.
  • The original creator of Habbo Wiki (on Wikia) was a user named Thelostcup. Although it seems they did get lost since they never edited after the creation of the wiki.
  • We have our own Badge (COM92) in-game! Although you can no longer get it.

 — Habbo Wiki,

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