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Most wikis have their own logo. Therefore the Template:Wiki boilerplate contains two lines:
|logo = No <!--you may upload and wikilink, or hotlink to a URL-->
|wide logo = <!--insert 'y' when the logo is too wide AND/OR the title is too long-->
to integrate this logo in the entry or a wiki, a Wiki Page.

Add WikiLogo step by step[edit]

  • Preferably the picture file for the WikiLogo will be uploaded on WikiIndex at first, see WikiIndex:Adding Pictures which requires to be logged in. IP-Editors can not upload files.
  • One can also HotLink to the original WikiLogo, but in case of temporal downtime of that wiki or even dead of the wiki, the logo would not be available any more.
  • After uploading the logo file, you can use Template:WikiLogoOf (preferred) or simply add Category:WikiLogo to it.
  • The uploaded picture gets integrated in the entry either at time of creation by using the function Add a Wiki or into any existing entry in the above displayed line after the
    "|logo = ".
  • HotLinked logos are simply added by inserting the URL of the picture, uploaded files get added by adding [[File:name-of-the-uploaded-file]].
  • Example: