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JSPWiki legacy wiki
Recent changes
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Founded by: Janne Jalkanen
Status: Locked
Language: Multilingual
Edit mode: Read-only
Wiki engine: JSPWiki
Wiki license: Copyright to contributing authors
Main topic: JSPWiki
For the current Apache-hosted JSPWiki meta wiki, see: Apache JSPWiki.

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Wiki size: 3,603 article pages see stats

(As of: 2022-08-30)

JSPWiki, now known as JSPWiki legacy wiki, is the original meta wiki homepage of the JSPWiki engine. This wiki site supported the early user and development community, and served as a homepage for the JSPWiki software. Originally found at JSPWiki.org, this wiki site, now hosted on Janne's own domain, Ecyrd.com, is still live and available, but is now locked and read-only.

November 2012
"Jspwiki.org is currently in read-only mode due to legal reasons and waits upcoming transition to Apache infrastructure. You may follow the progress at JSPWIKI-739. Thank you."

For a list of wikis powered by this engine, see category: JSPWiki.

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