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A is the portal for the gaming wiki hosted at "The Center for Ludic Synergy" at, including:

  • Seattle Cosmic Wiki
  • Game Design Wiki — collaborative development of the principles of GameDesign, and in particular, a PatternLanguage of GameDesign
  • Glass Bead Game Wiki — collaborative environment for exploring Hermann Hesse's concept of the GlassBeadGame
  • The Mentat Wiki is a collaborative environment for exploring ways to become a better thinker.
  • Piecepack Wiki — a collaborative environment for collecting everything about the Piecepack game system.

All of the wiki hosted at migrated in 2009 from the MoinMoin wiki engine to the Oddmuse wiki engine. Apparently the main reason for switching wiki engines was, while recovering from a hardware failure, it was easier to restore old wiki pages in MoinMoin format from a backup into an Oddmuse wiki than it was to restore those pages into a MoinMoin wiki -- see for more details.