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Mathematics and Physics Wiki

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(As of: 2018-08-17)

Psi Epsilon, also known as the Mathematics and Physics Wiki, is a Wikia lifestyle community wiki about mathematics and physics.

From arithmetic to abstract algebra, and from kinematics to string theory. Psi Epsilon has also started to recently create pages on mathematicians and physicists. See also this blog post which explains that Psi Epsilon will also soon be hosting a "Learn More" section, and "tag wikis" for an upcoming Q & A site, Physics Overflow (aka BPS Overflow Aka The Stacked Brane).

A guiding principle for this wiki is freedom of speech. Rudeness is welcome, and there is democracy, i.e. administrators are only the representatives of the community, not leaders. Administrators have rights only because they can carry out the will of the community, and not because they are somehow special.