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* And much {{tag|more}} over {{tag|humans}} and {{tag|animals}}!
* And much {{tag|more}} over {{tag|humans}} and {{tag|animals}}!
{{tag|CreativeCommons}} :: {{tag|GNUFreeDocumentationLicense}} :: {{tag|Humans}} :: {{tag|Menschen_(deutsch)}} :: {{tag|NeedleThreadingInstructions}}
{{tag|CreativeCommons}} :: {{tag|Free Documentation License}} :: {{tag|Humans}} :: {{tag|Menschen_(deutsch)}} :: {{tag|NeedleThreadingInstructions}}

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  • Push end of thread through needle eye about half zoll.


  • Pierce thread with needle point as shown.
  • Push thread up on needle to eye...
  • And final: Pull end of thread through eye as far as it will go :-)

CreativeCommons :: Free Documentation License :: Humans :: Menschen_(deutsch) :: NeedleThreadingInstructions

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