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For people who "love reading eBooks and tinkering with mobile technology". "Alexander Turcic" started and still owns this site.

MobileRead wiki is a wiki which provides in-depth information about every aspect of eBooks, eBook Devices, eBook Technology, and related items. The wiki is contributed by the MobileRead fanatics and is a supplement to the MobileRead online community. This community has more than 50,000 members.

Wiki size: 706 article pages see stats


The wiki as declared ready on April 10th 2006. At that time there was the Main Page, the comparison of E-book Reader Matrix, a Hanlin eBook Reader page, a Sony eBook Reader page, an iRex ILiad:owners page, a Jinke page, and Mobile links. The eBook Reader matrix contained 4 devices, The Hanlin V8, the Hanlin V2, the Sony PRS-500 and the iRex iLiad. The SunriseXP tutorial was added on April 12th and the SunriseXP reference was added on the 19th.

It struggled through the summer and by August 20, 2006 it had 31 pages. Interest was pretty high with 21,133 views and 8 pages had more than 1,000 hits. (When the same person revisits a page it doesn't count.) In the top 10 were 4 pages about the iLiad, 2 pages on the SunriseXP, the Main Page, the matrix, and the Sony Portable Reader page. The rest of the pages had 6 more iLiad pages and two more on the PRS 500 as well as a page on the Sony Librie. There was more about the SunriseXP and the beginnings of pages on converting eBook formats and the technology of ePaper. The Fujitsu 4096 Color E-Paper appeared in this wiki on Oct 7, 2006 and is still being talked about as a future device.

The site was properly focused from the beginning and has tracked the development of the eBook technology and devices. Topics related to eBooks are defined and explained on this emerging field which is likely to be a significant factor in the future of reading and education.


Visitors to the MobileRead wiki are permitted to edit or create most pages without logging in to the wiki. The website contains detailed information on eBook topics. This site is notable as the definitive guide to all things eBook Related. The site has had more than 6 million views. It is the only wiki devoted to this topic. The most notable page on the wiki is the E-book Read Matrix which is highly respected with hundreds of outside references. It recently surpassed the million view mark.

While the site is devoted to technology and tends to focus on dedicated eBook Reading devices which are mostly e-paper based it also has information on other reading devices with comparison matrices similar to the one above. It also features articles on other general purpose mobile devices with an emphasis on their ability to read eBooks. It has collections of articles related to using devices, history of devices, understanding the technology, standards and formats, players in the eBook field and more. It is a reference for ongoing discussions in the forum, for authors, for readers needing to convert eBook formats, eBooks tools, and software. Audio eBook technology is also covered on the site with information for disabled persons needing to find a way to read books.

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