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The Mushroom World Encyclopedia is a multilingual and open-content project which includes the independent wiki encyclopedias of the Super Mario series from different areas of the world.

Project members[edit]

language wiki name wiki URL
English Super Mario Wiki
German MarioWiki (German)
Italian Super Mario Wiki (Italian)


The project was created on 22 August 2014, with the objective of connecting the independent Mario wikis from around the world, thus providing information and content in as many languages as possible. It is freely inspired by the Encyclopaediae Pokémonis, a multilingual project based on the Pokémon series. The list of alternative languages for each article is positioned in the sidebar of each member wiki.


The project logo is a stylized Super Mushroom, with the projection of the planet Earth in the background. This is also inspired by the Encyclopaediae Pokémonis, and is reminiscent of the Flag of the United Nations.

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