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NoLogo.png OccupyMediawiki
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Status: Archived
Language: English
Edit mode: OpenEdit
Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
Main topic: Occupy Movement

OccupyMediaWiki was a wiki family formed to pool expertise with the Mediawiki software (with a custom skin) so wikis would take less of time to maintain, but be better looking, less vulnerable to spam and other harmful use, and be more helpful to the social protests movements world wide.

The farm was using dedicated servers in The Netherlands to make the wikis available. The choice of the hosts was a long and involved process to select the most secure option which also used green-sourced energy (and is carbon offset in addition) in an envrionmentally-certified datacenter. The servers ran BSD, and the software which made up the website could be viewed online.

As of December 2016, the link to the home page and the recent changes page both don't go anywhere, returning a "Cannot open page because you have attempted to connect to an undetected or unknown server" error message. In February 2017, the wiki has been confirmed dead and archived - a similar situation to what happened with MW Zip.