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OHiHeaderLogo.png OhInternet
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Status: Archived
Language: English
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Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Wiki license: Site retains copyright
Main topic: Internet

OhInternet is about the internet. This collection of information exists to showcase and catalog information about internet culture and history.

Anyone can edit OhInternet. Register an account and you will instantly be able to create or edit articles. There are guidelines to follow, but in general, there are no hoops to jump through... just stick to the rules.

OhInternet covers anything related to internet culture including people, memes, websites and more. Our aim is to be a guide to the internet's past, present and future and we want you to participate.

The wiki runs on the MediaWiki software with the Semantic MediaWiki plugin, and is modified with a custom skin and contains a plethora of GoogleAds.

Wiki Size: 1,300 pages see stats...
wikiFactor: 26 info / verify ...

(As of: 17 December 2012)