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OpenSeaMap – the free nautical chart — is a project aimed squarely at creating and providing free nautical and geographic data such as lights and buoys to anyone who wants them. This is because most maps you might think of as free actually have legal or technical restrictions on their use, holding back people from all walks of life who would like to use a map for one reason or another.

OpenSeaMap is part of OpenStreetMap project, and has created a cool online editing interface that allows anyone to spend his experiences and contribute to the map. The data created can then be used in lots of different ways for free - something that isn't possible with commercial mapping.

The primary OpenSeaMap is available in many differing languages; whereas the OpenSeaMap wiki is only available in two wiki languagesEnglish being the primary working language, and German being the interface language and second working language. French and Dutch languages were subsequently added.