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Oxford OpenGuide

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The Oxford Guide is a wiki-based system running on the OpenGuides software. The advantages OpenGuides has over other wiki software are: (1) it uses structured data to make it easy to search on whatever criteria you can think of; (2) it has Google Maps support, so you can view your search results on a map as well as in a list; (3) it knows where things are physically, so you can search for things geographically. Oxford is an historic quintessential university city in south-central England – and besides being famous for its world-reknown educational establishments, Oxford has a thriving culture in food and drink, is extremly popular as a tourist destination (and attracts a large proportion of overseas visitors), and is popular for many recreational activities such as cycling. Oxford is also known for its sporting activities, especially rowing, perhaps culminating in its world famous annual Varsity Boat Race along the River Thames with its arch-rival university city of Cambridge.