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PenguinWiki – sponsored by Penguin Books of London and De Montfort University of Leicester, EnglandA Million Penguins was created.[1] This was a wiki-novel experiment, where anyone could write and anyone can edit a fictional novel-in-progress. This unique experiment in collaborative, wiki-based creative writing started 1 February 2007,[2] and ran for just five weeks.

In late 2010, the content of became parking space after Penguin Books allowed the domain to lapse. As of November 2013, all seven sections are preserved by the Internet Archive WaybackMachine at, as follows:

Welcome page and Section 1 • Section 2 • Section 3 • Section 4 • Section 5 • Section 6 • Section 7

  1. Want to write a book? Just join the wiki queueThe Guardian, Vanessa Thorpe (arts and media correspondent), 4 February 2007, Guardian News and Media Limited, accessed: 13 May 2017
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