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Main topic: Transportation


Portland Afoot is two things:

  • A four-page monthly newsmagazine about low-car life in Portland, Ore.
  • An editable online guide to low-car life in Portland

We cover TriMet, the city, and the culture of the low-car lifestyle from the perspective of the people who live it.

We tell you about our favorite car-free camping trips. We tell you when the bus fares are going up, why, and what you can do about it. We tell you which seats on the MAX are best for talking on a cell phone, slipping in a suitcase or firing up a laptop.

The website itself is totally different but equally awesome: It's a constantly updated guide to low-car life that anyone can improve. That's where you'll find pages on every bus line and its on-time records, plans for new rail lines through your neighborhood and the hours of every bike shop in town. It's for the information you need in a pinch but can't find anywhere else.

Our print edition sells for $14 a year; it's also available by email, if you prefer. And the website, of course, is free.

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