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Programmer's Wiki, a Fandom lifestyle community wiki site from Wikia, and originally imported from, is a free programming resource (but not encyclopedia) that anyone can edit.

This site is intended as an open resource for programmers by programmers. The goal of this site is to provide articles that describe various functions, libraries, and APIs of different laguages and compare them. The articles are meant to be direct and simple in order to provide an adequate resources both for new programmers of different languages, as well as to provide a simple comparison tool.

The articles on this site fall into one or more of the following categories (in decreasing importance):

  • Reference – a quick reference for how to do something specific different languages; these articles usually contain only about one to five lines of code per language, and describe multiple languages.
  • Algorithm – an explanation of how to do something a little more complicated; these articles involve multiple steps and are for usage with languages.
  • Tutorial – a detailed explanation of how to implement a concept, module, or small program.
  • Glossary – a definition or detailed explanation of a concept found in software development; this is the least important because this can be found easily elsewhere on the internet.

If you are a programmer and would like to contribute, feel free to get started with a topic and start with a language or languages that you know. Please be respectful of others' code and images from other sites, and do not merely copy code to post here unless you can do so legally.

And please remember: we want to see the code.

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