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Proposal 19-Feb-2006: wiki engine template[edit]

The basic article template 'Wiki infobox' is being used for Engine category pages. Almost all engines have a wiki, for example, MoinMoin has MoinMoin wiki. In this case, there is a page for the wiki (MoinMoin wiki) as well as a page for the engine category (category:MoinMoin). I believe this is correct. In the case of Lizzy, there is just a single page for both the wiki and the engine: (category:Lizzy). This creates a recursive situation where the article points to itself. I'm not sure this is a big problem, but now would be a good time for us to establish consistent rules.

Checkout category:UseMod Wiki. Mark and I have been working on his idea that the page for an engine has the template box for the wiki for that engine and the list of wikis using that engine down below. I think we've learned a lot. Lizzy is part of our experiment. It's definitely time to get down to business documenting what we've learned and then decide how to proceed. TedErnst | talk 15:57, 16 Feb 2006 (EST)

I'm still a bit confused, but recommend that perhaps we make a WikiEngine template to try to solve the problem? --Raymond King | talk 23:02, 19 Feb 2006 (EST)

We already have one Template:Wiki Engine. It's not that simple, however. I'm not sure I understand it myself, to be honest. Mark? TedErnst | talk 13:10, 21 Feb 2006 (EST)

I just edited Template:Wiki Engine to remove "last reviewed" and add WikiNode, like we have with Template:Wiki. Is this idea still in play? Of the soft-redirects with the categories? TedErnst | talk 16:36, 14 Apr 2006 (EDT)

I would like to continue in that direction, unless their is a big objection. Even if we change midstream on it, it is not a ton of work. MarkDilley

Hmmm, what about a Wiki Farm template? We might also want to consider a WikiTopic template, but that might be jumping the gun.

Two comments.
  1. I would suggest we fully impliment the Wiki Engine template before embarking on the WikiFarm template.
  2. What's a WikiTopic template? TedErnst | talk 01:18, 11 June 2006 (EDT)

Good idea Ted, let's take a crack at converting the Wiki Engine templates to see what we run across... I will try to find an example, I am thinking in terms of canonical things, (maybe like WikiSym) MarkDilley