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Referata TestWiki

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Referata TestWiki is a small sandbox test wiki, created by Xauroflaux and hosted on the Referata wiki farm. Like all Referata wiki, this uses the MediaWiki wiki engine together with the Semantic MediaWiki suite of extensions. The wiki was started in early April 2017, and then was left dormant for almost a month. However, since May 2017, the wiki has once again been active.

Anyone can be granted administrator rights for testing purposes. Users can simply make a request on a respective noticeboard.

Due to severe and persistent problems with vandalism and sock puppetry, many pages are either semi-protected from all editing, and / or are set to require all edits from non-admins to be approved by an admin before they are publicly visible. Additionally, editing through web hosts or proxies such as TOR is prohibited under most circumstances, and any web hosting ranges will be blocked upon discovery.

The wiki has very few admins and currently only one bureaucrat, and is frequently spammed by a long-term vandal who posts sexual material across multiple pages. Additionally, bureaucrat rights are no longer being given out for testing purposes as a result of a security breach in December 2018.