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Rock-O-Jello avatar
Age: 20
Gender: Genderfluid
Other names: Rocko, Jello, Rock
Nationality: American
en-N This person is a native English speaker.
fr-2 This person is an intermediate French speaker.
Residence: Utah, United States of America
Home wiki(s): Green Day Wiki, Ruby Gloom Wiki
Editing status: Active
Pers. website: Jellopedia
Contact(s): name{[at]}

Rock-O-Jello is a user who has been editing wikis since September 2010.

Globally blocked from Wikia in early 2013 for cracking a racist joke at a user who was annoying her, Rocko mainly edits her personal wiki, Jellopedia, as well as Green Day and Ruby Gloom.

Rocko has amazing energy, is a genuine pleasure to have as part of a trusted and valued wiki community. She has great ideas on how to progress wikis, but remains calm and level-headed on the odd occasions when her ideas aren't implemented. Generally, just a great team player, and a real asset to WikiIndex.

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  • Sandbox — used to carry out test editing, especially for existing templates