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tidy discussion
== Great! ==This is great!
Needs two way arrows on everything. Slight misspelling on "A wiki may also belong to multiple subcategories which [are] we are calling tags."- [[User:MarkDilley|MarkDilley]] 05:57, 13 February 2006
:ok, I took the arrows off entirely rather than putting in 2-way; that seemed clearer. Grammar fixed and also, I forgot to link ArborWiki with Michigan and Places, so that's fixed too. --[[Raymond King]] | <small>[[User talk:Rathbone|talk]]</small> 12:50, 13 Feb 2006 (EST)
Very nice, is this through omni graffle? -- [[User:MarkDilley|MarkDilley]] 18:52, 13 February 2006
:Yes, great program. I just ordered the upgrade which is supposed to be even better and allow export to SVG which I have to learn more about --[[Raymond King]] | <small>[[User talk:Rathbone|talk]]</small> 14:10, 13 Feb 2006 (EST)