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Stupidedia ist currently the biggest German-language Fun-wiki. It was founded in Dec 2004 by the Austrian David Sowka.

Stupidedia aims to collect encyclopedic articles that are satirical and funny.


There are a few Contests, that are held periodically.

Stupid contest

The Stupid Contest is an article-writing contest, that is held bi-monthly. Everyone can sign in after the Topic of the contest is announced. The contest lasts two weeks in witch the contestants sign in and write an article about the topic. A 5 head Jury reviews all articles and gives points for "Content", "Humor", "Creativity" and "Layout". The Contestants get cool badges for their Userpages.

Stupid Art Contest

The Stupid Art Contest is a permanently active contest, where Authors can submit self-made pictures. Every month the Organizer of the contest selects the best picture and awards it.

Inner logic

The stupidedia has a special namespace for a parallel world with strong inner logic. There are fictional countries, animals and other fictional stuff combined in a huge parallel universe.

From time to time, the community organizes Events in this universe. E.g. the Universe Championship (parallel to the UEFA Euro 2008)



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(As of: 09 January 2012)

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