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Tcler's Wiki

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The Tcler's Wiki is a wiki for the Tcl programming language. The Tcler's wiki, aka, discusses Tcl and Tk.

The wiki itself uses the Wub http web server (written in Tcl) and the Wikit wiki engine (written in Tcl).

Tcl, or the "Tool Command Language", is a powerfully simple, open source-licensed programming language. Tcl runs on Unix (Linux and non-Linux), MacOS, Windows 95/98 (in Tcl's older forms)/NT/2000/XP/Vista/..., PDA systems, and many more.

"Tk is a windowing toolkit, written in C, designed to give the programmer a relatively high level interface to his or her windowing environment. Tk is equally available as a windowing toolkit for Tcl, Ruby, Perl, Python. ... Tk started life as a Tcl extension.

Tk applications look more like other applications on the platform on which the application is running.

In Tk, the programmer only needs to specify how the widgets are arranged in a window (layout); the geometry of widgets is dynamic, so they can respond automatically both to changes in layout and to user resizing of windows."

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