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fr-N This person is a native French speaker.
en-5 This person is a professional English speaker.
de-4 This person is a near native German speaker.
es-3 This person is an advanced Spanish speaker.
pt-2 This person is an intermediate Portuguese speaker.
it-1 This person is a basic Italian speaker.
zh-0 This person is a non Chinese speaker.
Some examples are shown on the right
(red links indicate we have no person on WikiIndex who speaks that language at that level)

This user language template renders the appropriate specific language 'babel' user-box (examples shown right); as used in individual user pages of those who identify their spoken language(s), along with any 'parent' category and its associated sub-categories of category: Wiki People by Language. This template has two (2) input requirements – immediately after {{Language| . . ..

  • 1stISO 639 code – the two- (or three-) letter ISO 639 language code;
  • 2ndlevel – 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or N (for 'native').

{{Language|ISO 639 code|level=?}}
Where . . .

  • ISO 639 code — the two-or-three letter language code, and;
  • level=? — a number or letter indicating how well the language is spoken:
    • 0 — not able to speak
    • 1 — basic
    • 2 — intermediate
    • 3 — advanced
    • 4 — near native
    • 5 — professional
    • N — native
Find code

See Wikipedia: List of ISO 639-1 codes; and in the table of languages, look at the column saying 639-1. If your language isn't there, see Wikipedia: List of ISO 639-2 codes, and look at the Alpha-3 column. If it still isn't there, look at the ISO 639-3 codes list, and click a letter. Finally, if it isn't there yet, write the languages' name in English. You may also ask someone.


All main language categories can be found at category: Wiki People by Language, and all sub-categories can be found at Category:LanguageSpeakers (#), where Language is the anglicised name of a language, and # is a number between 0–5 or an N.

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